A Taste of the East

Located in historic Hilton Village, Saffron Mediterranean Cuisine offers the finest meats cooked to perfection right near home. Our dishes of rice, kabob, and other mediterranean delicacies are flavored with the characteristic spices of the eastern world.

Saffron is a newly opened, family-owned, and award-winning restaurant that has the sole mission of providing the tastes of our home to you, your family, and friends. Come join us during our second year in the business for a diverse and unmatched taste experience! 


Fire-Grilled KABOBS

Kabobs fresh off the grill when ordered. Ready in minutes!

Homely Atmosphere

Join our amiable staff in an environment catered perfectly to your meal.

Quality Rices And Sides

From sweet to savory flavors, our rices and sides are top of the line!